Standard Deviation

A digital zine on queer art, science, and theory.

Standard Deviation was founded in 2016 as an interdisciplinary journal for queer thought to be developed and explored. The objective of Standard Deviation is to emphasize and interrelate queer narratives, which are a powerful cultural technology of criticism and innovation.

Standard Deviation has no institutional affiliations and reviews work from all interested parties. Applications are reviewed by committee and advisors are referenced in the work's field when possible. Creators retain copyright over any material included in Standard Deviation, and only give Standard Deviation permission to include their work or portions of their work in our publication and promotional materials.

Current editorial team (Issue 2):

Standard Deviation was founded by Dominic Burkart (website) in fall 2016 and is currently preparing to release its second issue (spring 2017).

current call

To apply to have work included in Standard Deviation, email with a subject line that reads "application" as well as your attached work and a short description or abstract.

Issue 01 pdf